On-site Bakery Consulting

What better way to make sure you create the highest quality baking program possible than to have us on site? Whether you are first starting up or if you have been in business for some time, we can help! We will be there for bakery setup, product testing, troubleshooting, training, and support. 


Product Scheduling and Bakery Workflow

Figuring out how best to schedule your production can be a lot of trial and error. Let us ease some of stresses and help you plan out your production schedule so that you can sleep easy knowing everything is going according to plan.

Bakery Startup and Business Plan Consulting 

Starting a bakery can be one of the most rewarding things out there. But getting up and running can be more stressful and challenging than imagined. We have experience in building business plans, projections, and operating projections. We also can help with loan applications, website development, and getting your dream business up and running.

Best Practices

From rack management to oven steam to prep work, there are countless lessons that we have learned over the years and we will share our best practices with you, saving you lots of time and more importantly lots of headaches! 


Remote Consulting

Need our help but can't schedule a visit? We offer remote digital consulting to help with any concerns you may have. Want to discuss your formulas or why your bread is coming out a certain way? We are more than happy to consult over phone, video, or email. 

Research, Formula Development, & Troubleshooting

Recipes can be a very difficult thing to get exactly right. Let us help you fine tune your recipes or create new ones to meet your desired specifications or production schedule. Loaves don’t have the large volume or open crumb? Want your croissants to be more open with a honeycomb structure? We can help pinpoint what causes many common and uncommon baking issues and give you the tools needed to solve them. 


Employee Training

We know that your products are only as good as the people making them. We can teach your employees how to confidently make all of your bread and viennoiserie items as well as have the ability to handle issues that may arise. We will leave them with the knowledge of what to do in any situation.